DECEMBER 10, 2005


President Yamaguchi called the meeting to order at 10:06 a.m.

Those answering roll call:
Northern Central Southern
David Fleming Don Bunch Ray Brasser
Jessie Miyasaki Steve Cloyd Virginia Crawford
Carl Reynolds Kevin Erwin Tim Donahue
David Ver Halen Tom Goss Dan Kirby
Ken Yamaguchi Dan Hoffman Bob May
  Kym Hughes Bob Slough
  Myles Johnson Dicksie Spolar
  Gil Martinusen  
  Jonas Mayhue  
  Fred Piazza  
  John Silva  

Minutes of prior meeting:

Secretary reported that it had been brought to her attention that there was an error on the minutes for the previous meeting.The presentation by Ray Brasser reporting an error in the number of years shown on the State Shoot program was off by one year not the three years recorded in the minutes.

Motion: KirbySecond: Johnson     
To approve minutes as amended.
Passed: by voice vote


 1] reported several emails had been received applying for State Teams.

 2] rec’d 11/14/05 – letter of resignation from Keith Ansley from the Southern Zone due to a move out of state.

 3] rec’d 12/02/05 – notice from ATA regarding the refund.Refund for 2005 target year will be $15,535.10.Refund was reduced by $50 for two late fees not paid by Sacramento Gun Club and Oak Tree Gun Club.Clubs will be issued bills and letters regarding these unpaid fees.

 4] rec’d 12/02/05 – list of trophies being provided by the ATA for the State Shoot.Copy was provided to the trophy chairman. President Yamaguchi reported that he had received a letter from Sacramento Gun Club continuing their request to be given the added money for the 2005Western Zone.Further explanation was provided by Dave Fleming.Some Discussion incurred with the following motion being made:

Motion: Kirby Second: Mayhue
To deny the request by Sacramento.
Passed: by voice vote

Delegate’s report:

Delegate was not available.

New/Replacement Directors:

Northern Zone – none presented.

Central Zone – none presented.

Southern Zone: Vice President Slough reported that Southern Director Patrick Jenks will be moving to the Northern Zone and has requested to stay a director.A preliminary motion was placed on the floor to approve the waiving of any residency requirement that have been used in the past as part of procedure.During discussion of this motion it was determined that since this process was not addressed in the Bylaws that it would be removed without the use of a motion.The motion was removed from the floor and the minutes are to reflect that Director Jenks would be moved from the Southern Zone to the Northern Zone effective January 1, 2006.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasure Fleming presented the Board with the current standing of the Association.He reported on the repair of the old printer used during the State Shoot and also reported on the donation of an additional large printer to be used during the State Shoot.Discussion also reported on the Shoot Compute program and that if we could get a Windows version from Steve Hyer we could continue with the plans to network computers during the State Shoot.With no further questions or information being brought to the floor:

Motion: Reynolds Second: Goss      
To approve report as presented.
Passed: by voice vote

Committee Status/Review:

 1] Office Committee – Fleming reported that he has the staff lined-up and ready.

 2] Criteria Committee – Bunch took the floor and presented a change to the Winter Chain criteria.Reported that in order to provide a more level playing field for competitors a penalty yardage be put in place.Criteria wording would be added to the criteria as follows:

“A contestant who has not shot 500 ATA registered handicap targets in the current and previous year shall shoot penalty yardage as follows:

Men................... 24 yard line
Lady and Juniors...... 22 yard line

This yardage penalty shall apply to the CGSTA Winter Chain Buckle Event.”

Discussion ensued on the issue with the following motion being presented:

Motion: Donahue Second: Mayhue      
To approve the addition of the yardage penalty to
the Winter Chain criteria and have it become effective January 1, 2006.
Passed: by voice vote
2 opposed

State Shoot Program Preliminary:

Director Brasser reported on the items that he still needed for the program.

Several issues regarding trophies were discussed – no motions were presented and discussion was for clarification. It was brought to the floor the issue of the presentation of the Zone trophies.Zone criteria states that the Zone Handicap and Doubles Champion trophies will be presented at the State Shoot – due to this the following motion was presented:

Motion:Mayhue Second:Fleming    
All Zone trophies will be given on site of shoot.
Passed:by voice vote

New Business:

 1] Director Bunch brought to the floor a problem with the Zone Shoot criteria and the scheduling of zone shoots for 2006.Reported that all three zones have scheduled for the same weekend and would offer a motion to approve the variance for this year only.

For this year only allow the zone shoots to occur as published in the pocket schedule.
Passed:by voice

 2] Director Brasser presented the Board with suggested versions of the 2006 State Shoot pin.Discussion ensued with various suggestions on incorporating ideas of each pin into a pin.No final determination was made regarding the official pin but the Board had a show of hands as to their preference in style:

Pin showing a tree...........6
Pin with rectangle shape..... 11
Pin with broken target.......2

Final presentation and determination will be made at the next meeting.

Old Business:

 1] Director Slough brought back to the floor the issue of the State Team. Director Brasser reminded the Board that he had made a presentation on issues in February and these issues were tabled until the shooters had been polled at the State Shoot.Under discussion it was clarified that unless determined by the Board otherwise any change made to the criteria would not apply to the current teams being selected – it would apply to the 2007 teams.Director Reynolds stated motions should be “un-tabled” and brought to a vote:

To remove the requirement that shooters must apply to the CGSTA Secretary for the State Teams.This change would apply to the 2006 target year for the 2007 State Team.
Passed: by voice vote
1 opposed

Director Brasser also re-presented the previous tabled motion regarding the issue that all registered targets count in calculating State Teams instead of only California targets count.

For the 2006 target year/2007 State Teams that all registered targets shot will count in the computations.
Passed:by voice vote

 2] Director Mayhue brought back to the floor the Bylaw change for the Zone re-alignment.He reviewed the change to the counties that would effect the Central and Northern Zones.After additional discussion the following motion was presented:

To accept the Bylaw change as written – as a 1st reading.
Failed by hand count:yes......5
no...... 14

President Yamaguchi reviewed available date for the next meeting and the date of February 4, 2006 was selected.

Director Brasser provided the Board with some statistical information regarding the previous shoot year and the shooter attendance.

With no further information being presented to the Board:
To adjourn at 12:02 p.m.
Passed:by voice vote



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