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DECEMBER 8, 2001

President Phillips called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Those answering roll call were:


Steve Carafa 
David Fleming 
Jim Foster 
Roger Reinsch 
Carl Reynolds 
Ken Yamaguchi 


Gary Beer
Don Bunch 
Kevin Erwin 
Tom Goss 
Myles Johnson 
Gil Martinusen 
John Musick 
Ray Phillips 
Richard Troup 
Joe Woods


Keith Ansley
Virginia Crawford
Tim Donahue
James Drake
Jim Edwards
John Hawker
Dan Kirby
William Martin
Wendell Schroll


Late arrival by Jonas Mayhue.

President Phillips recognized guests in attendance: Ken Eltrich; Ray Brasser; Dicksie Spolar; Vickie Larkin.

Minutes of prior meeting:

Motion: Reinch Second: Fleming
To approve minutes of general meeting as presented.
Passed: by voice vote

Director Ansley brought to the floor the issue of providing supporting documents for the minutes of the closed meeting held December 8, 2001.

Motion: Ansley Second: Donahue
To accept minutes of closed meeting conditionary to the disciplinary committee report being sent to all directors
and attached to those minutes.
Passed: by voice vote


1] Rec’d 10/15/01 letter of resignation from Southern director Donna Battenfield.

2] Several pieces of email regarding Ken Eltrich and his eligibility for becoming a director.

3] Rec’d 11/01/01 letter from Trap & Field’s new advertising manager regarding the Gun Club directory.

4] Rec’d 11/07/01 letter from Jim Elliott report his opinion/concerns on the recent letters issued to members.

5] Rec’d 11/05/01 letter of resignation from Southern director David Van Elgort.

6] Email rec’d from Director Reynolds for response to Ray Taber’s request for information regarding the special category requirements for the State Team.

7] Rec’d 11/13/01 ATA Gun Club Newsletter

8] Several emails between State Secretary, Esther Puckett of Newman, and Northern VP Reynolds regarding a shoot date.

9] Via email from Criteria Committee the criteria for the proposed changes for the State Team selection for the target year 2003.

10] Several emails between State Secretary, Treasurer Fleming and Northern VP Reynolds regarding Randy Albertson’s reimbursement that was to be paid to the California HOF.

11] Several emails with clubs to get their shoot dates around the Zone Shoots.

12] Email with ATA to correct State Secretary phone number.

13] Emails with ATA - procedure changes within ATA caused problems getting the CD for averages. Problems have since been resolved and CD has been received

14] Rec’d via fax 12/06/01 letter from Billie Barsotti of Triple B Clays regarding the Western Zone matter discussed at the last meeting. Correspondence has been deferred to the President.

15] Rec’d 12/08/01 via hand delivery letter from Donna Foster. Correspondence has been deferred to the President.

16] Rec’d 12/08/01 via hand delivery letter from Kern Co. Gun Club requesting to hold the Western Zone.

Secretary provided an update to the Board - Disciplinary Action. Copies of all correspondence and responses had been forwarded to the President.

Delegates Report:

Delegate Williamson reported that the Nevada site for the Western Zone will be Sage Hill. Also reported that Coon Creek reported that if Sage Hill was selected then they would pull their bid for a site due to the closeness to Sage Hill. California site would need to be selected today from the four remaining bids.

Reported that ATA was issuing new rule books and they should be made available in January. Reported that the California State Shoot threw the most targets for the State clubs last year with Redlands, Sacramento, Kingsburg and Oak Tree reporting the next highest targets.

Also reported that the target count was down .7% state wide from the year previous.

Reported that the ATA relocation had hit a "bump" in the road. ATA is reviewing the Sparta plan.

New/Replacement Directors:

Northern Zone reported no changes
Central Zone reported no changes

Southern Zone:
Motion: Kirby Second:
To nominate Ken Eltrich and Tony Benigno as
Southern Zone directors.
Passed: by voice vote

Treasurers Report and Budget:

Treasurer Fleming provided information as to the balances in the banks as well as providing the percentage of increase this amount represents in relation to the same time period last year.

Also reported that the daily fees were up 18.5% over this same time last year as wells as annual and life membership had an increase of 63%. Also reported that the annual report was in the hands of the auditors, with the change in programs being used the auditors were taking additional time to be sure everything was accounted for and the year end forms had been placed on extension.

Treasurer Fleming reported that for the Budget the preliminary information received at the last meeting was still valid. Discussion ensued on the budget resulting in the following:

Motion: Reynolds Second: Ansley
To increase the budget for the Junior Program
to $4000. Committee must apply donations to program before spending the budget.
Passed: by voice vote

Motion: Yamaguchi Second: Kirby
To approve the Treasurers report and budget
as modified.
Passed: by voice vote

State Shoot Program for 2002:

Committee Chair Fleming provided the Board with a list of things still need for the program.

Reported that the list/order of events would be the same as used last year. Discussion ensued on several issues resulting in the following:

Motion: Edwards Second:
To change the first two days of the State Shoot to:
Tuesday - 1st half of class singles and a handicap
Wednesday - 2nd half of class singles and a handicap Motion dies for lack of second

Motion: Yamaguchi Second: Kirby
To drop the doubles events from the random draw
for banks - have a separate draw for the doubles.
Amendment added to motion:
For 200 bird events pull the adjacent bank
letter from the hat at the same time.
Passed: by voice vote

Motion: Yamaguchi Second: Reynolds
To keep Event 4 handicap named The John Everett
Handicap for the 2002 State Shoot.
Passed: by voice vote

Motion: Reynolds Second: Drake
To approve/continue the $1500 for ladies bingo.
Passed: by voice vote

Motion: Yamaguchi Second: Drake
To remove the HOA Lewis purse - the Rose purse -
the Wolf purse from the State Shoot program.
Passed: by voice vote
1 opposed - Kirby

Committee Reports:

President Phillips reviewed the committee list and the chairs for the committee.

1] Grievance committee - Goss reported the committee members would be the same as last year.

2] Trapsetting committee - Goss reported the committee members were in place.

3] Golf Cart committee - Beer reported he was waiting to hear from the company on the price for this year and should have the numbers available at the February meeting.

Reynolds took the floor and reported that Secretary Crawford rented and paid for the golf cart that was at the office last year. Reported that most of the directors used the cart over the week for various reasons and felt that the Secretary should be reimbursed.

Motion: Reynolds Second: Yamaguchi
To reimburse Virginia Crawford for the golf cart used
for 2001 and add a cart for the office for 2002.
Passed: by voice vote

4] Junior Program committee - Edwards reported on the current donations received and reported that Grubby’s would be donating the hats again this year. Also reported that they would once again be providing the T-shirts at $9 per shirt. During discussion Gary

Beer {representing Kingsburg Gun Club} challenged the Santa Lucia Gun Club to a $200 donation to the program.

5] Bylaws committee - Reynolds reported the committee would probably meet in January to continue their review and proposal for changes.

6] Home Grounds committee - Bunch reported that not much had changed in the on-going process at Merced.

7] Criteria committee - Bunch passed around the updated proposal for the State Team selection.

During the review of the criteria Bunch also proposed that the State develop a pin to award to shooters that attain their 100,000, 200,000 or more ATA targets. During discussion it was agreed to table the State Team criteria and the pin until the February meeting.

8] Shoot dates - Bunch brought to the floor the previous correspondence from Newman on their shoot dates. Reported that they wished to host a shoot on June 9 and currently has been informed they couldn’t due to the Southern Zone shoot being held that weekend and the current criteria. Stated he would like an exception to the rule for this year only and allow Newman to shoot on June 9. Discussion ensued resulting in the following:

Motion: Mayhue Second: Edwards
To allow Newman to shoot on June 9, 2002.
Passed: by voice vote

New Business:

President Phillips brought to the floor the date for the next meeting. After reviewing the calendar and noting that the Spring Grand and a Las Vegas shoot will fall in February the dates of February 9 and February 23 were offered for consideration. A hand count was taken and resulted as follows:

February 9, 2002..................... 12
February 23, 2002................... 7

Old Business:

1] Director Kirby reported that there were a few problems with the gun purse at the last State Shoot. Felt that there needed to be stated rules for the purse to try to eliminate some of those problems. Discussion ensued resulting in the following:

Motion: Yamaguchi Second: Musick
To accept the rules for gun purse shoot-off
as presented.
Passed: by voice vote

2] Western Zone site - Delegate Williamson reported that the ATA has determined that for 2002 California shall have either 1 central location or 1 in the North and 1 in the South. Further stated that if 2 sites are selected that those sites will not be in zones that are adjacent to each other. A lengthy discussion ensued resulting in the following hand count:

Kern Co. at Kingsburg 13
Prado Olympic Park 2
Triple B Clays 0
Redlands Trap 6
abstain 2

3] Disciplinary Action committee - addition discussion was brought to the floor on the actions taken by the Board. Questions posed by Director Ansley and Dicksie Spolar were answered by several members of the Board and the President.

Director Hawker brought to the floor the following motion:

Motion: Hawker Second: Ansley
That the 9/29/01 disciplinary action voted on by the
Board be recended and all disciplinary action be null and void against the people involved and no further action to be taken.

Discussion ensued on the motion at which time the President determined the motion was to be tabled until he was able to review all the legal documents he had received on the issue - both Hawker and Martin objected to the tabling of the motion.

Discussion continued - at times heated - with motions being made and then withdrawn. With no resolution being made with the discussions the following motion was placed on the floor:

Motion: Mayhue Second: Yamaguchi
To table the motion made by Hawker until
the February 9, 2002 meeting.
Passed: by roll call vote


Not in Attendance Yes  No
Northern Zone:      
David Fleming  X    
Jim Foster X    
Steve Carafa   X  
Jim McCullough X    
Jessie Miyasaki  X    
Roger Reinsch     X 
Carl Reynolds  X    
Cliff Wurster X    
 Ken Yamaguchi    X  
Central Zone:      
Greg Barnet  X    
Gary Beer    X  
Don Bunch    X  
Richie Clodt  X    
Kevin Erwin      X
Tom Goss    X  
Myles Johnson      X
Gil Martinusen    X  
Jonas Mayhue    X  
John Musick    X  
Ray Phillips Presidential abstain
Ron Scholta  X    
John Silva  X    
Richard Troup    X  
Joe Woods    X  
Southern Zone:      
Keith Ansley      X
Tony Benigno  X    
Virginia Crawford    X   
Tim Donahue      X
James Drake      X
Jim Edwards      X
Ken Eltrich      X
John Hawker      X
Dave Hudson  X    
Dan Kirby    X  
Terry Love  X    
William Martin      X
Kurt Sachau  X    
Wendell Schroll      X
    12  11

With no further business being brought to the floor:

Motion: Beer Second: Erwin
To adjourn meeting at 3:18 p.m.
Passed: by voice vote


Subject To Board Approval
For information only


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