FEBRUARY 12, 2005



President Martinusen called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Those answering roll call:

        Northern                      Central                Southern       

      David Fleming                 Don Bunch               Ray Brasser

      Jim McCullough                Kevin Erwin             Virginia Crawford

      Carl Reynolds                 Tom Goss                Dan Kirby

      David Ver Halen               Ed Hammond              Bob Slough

      Ken Yamaguchi                 Dan Hoffman             Dicksie Spolar

                                    Myles Johnson

                                    Gil Martinusen

                                    Jonas Mayhue

                                    Ray Phillips

                                    Fred Piazza

                                    John Silva

Minutes of Prior Meetings:

                  Motion:  Mayhue         Second:  Piazza  

                  To approve minutes for 10/06/04 meeting as presented.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

                  Motion:  Johnson        Second:  Kirby         

                  To approve minutes for 12/11/04 meeting as presented.

                        Passed:  by voice vote


Secretary reported that there was not a lot of correspondence received since the previous meeting:

1] Rec’d 12/14/04 – notice from ATA regarding the rebate – total this year is


      2] Rec’d 01/03/05 – letter from Chrisie from Grubby’s regarding her ad in the

   State Shoot program – Secretary emailed her with Chairman Brasser’s

   information to discuss the ad.

      3] Rec’d 01/06/05 – letter from ATA regarding the ATA Hall of Fame Purse in our

2005 State Shoot program as well to whom to ship the trophy and the dates of

the shoot.

4] Rec’d 01/06/05 – letter from ATA regarding the Youth Program Team competition  

   and it’s trophies.

      5] Rec’d 01/06/05 – letter from ATA providing a list of the ATA trophies being

   provided by them for the 2005 State Shoot.

      6] Rec’d 01/07/05 – update letter from Rydin Decal Company.

      7] Rec’d 01/26/05 – letter from ATA regarding the new “Big 50 Program”.

      8] Rec’d 02/05/05 – copy of letter issued by ATA to Kenneth Ingram acknowledging

   the receipt of his reinstatement fee and that is suspension had been lifted.

         Secretary reported that other than some copies of emails amongst committee

   members – correspondence is complete.

Delegates Report:

    Delegate Williamson reported on the new ATA location in Sparta, Illinois.

New/Replacement Directors:

    Northern Zone – reported no change.

    Central Zone – reported no change.

    Southern Zone – reported they had a new director:

                  Motion:  Slough               Second:  Kirby         

                  To nominate Patrick Jenk as Southern director.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

Treasurers Report:

    Treasurer Fleming answered question regarding the report provided at the December meeting.

                  Motion:  Reynolds       Second:  Yamaguchi     

                  To approve treasurers’ report for 10/06/04 as presented.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

    Treasurer Fleming presented the current financial standing of the Association:

                  Motion:  Reynolds       Second:  Slough  

                  To approve treasurers’ report as presented.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

State Shoot Program:

    President Martinusen reported that the negotiation committee met with members of the Kingsburg Gun Club this morning.  He reported that Kingsburg reported that they were going to have to increase the target price for the 2005 State Shoot from 18.7 cents to 18.9 cents per target.  Minimal discussion occurred.

    Discussion opened regarding the price to charge for targets at the 2005 State Shoot resulting in the following:

                  Motion:  Reynolds       Second:  Yamaguchi     

                  To set the target price at $27 for the 2005 State Shoot.

                        Passed: by hand count – yes....20

                                                 no.... 1 [Hoffman]

                                                 Presidential abstain

    It was brought to the Boards attention that the page in the program reporting the nominations for the directors for the upcoming year needed to be changed.  The wording used needed to reflect that the list shown was a preliminary list – not the final one – and was subject to change.  Secretary reported that the final list of nominations were given to her on Friday before the meeting and presented at the meeting and program page needed to reflect that.  Minimal discussion ensued resulting the following:

                  Motion:  Spolar               Second:  Johnson 

                  To change the nomination page to reflect that the list was

preliminary and subject to change.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

    The Treasurer brought to the Boards attention to the need to establish wording regarding refunds to shooters who withdraw from an event without notifying anyone until after the entire shoot is completed.  Discussion ensued resulting in the following:

                  Motion:  Goss                 Second:  Slough  

                  To place statement in the program showing:

                    If a shooter withdraws from an event or the entire

                    State Shoot a refund will only be given if the

                    cashier’s office is notified either in person or by

                    telephone during the State Shoot.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

    It was brought to the floor the need to establish whether the Board was going to maintain the same price for Juniors shooting the State Shoot or if their price would increase as well.  Discussion ensued resulting in the following:

Motion:  Kirby                Second:  Slough  

                  To increase Juniors target price to $22 – for those Juniors

                  not playing purses and options only.

                        Passed:  by voice vote with 5 opposed

Committee Reports:

    President Martinusen reviewed the committee list requesting the chairs provide any updates or addition information.

    Zone Shoot Committee Chair presented the following motion:

                  Motion:  Yamaguchi            Second:  Mayhue  

                  To present the Zone Team bags at the Zone Shoot site.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

    Continuing the review of Committee, President Martinusen reported to the Secretary that he would like to have Jim McCullough and Gary Beer added to the Grievance Committee and Bob Slough reported that he would like to be added to the Line Referee Committee.

New Business:

    None presented.

Old Business:

    Director Brasser brought to the floor the order for State Shoot pins.  Reported that in order to have enough pins for the Juniors that shot the SCTP program he felt the order should be increased.

                  Motion:  Brasser        Second:  Yamaguchi     

                  To increase the State pin order to 1300 pins.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

    Director Fleming brought back to the floor the Northern Zone team conflict from the 2004 State Shoot.  He provided some score totals and scenarios resulting in the varying gathering of the scores.  Reported that one variable resulted in a tie with the Central Zone.  He suggested getting duplicate trophies for the Northern team.  Discussion ensued resulting in the following:

                  Motion:  Mayhue         Second:  Kirby         

                  To leave the results as previously determined by the Executive

                  Committee and the Board.

                        Passed:  by voice vote with 2 opposed

    Director Mayhue as By-Law Committee chair brought to the floor issue of the request to change the By-Laws to change the Zone lines for the Central/Northern Zones and presented a packet of information for the Board’s review.  Secretary reminded Director Mayhue that no vote could take place on his presentation due to the fact that the info packet was not given to the Board thirty (30) days prior to presentation.  During discussion it was reported that it had been stated that there was approximately forty (40) shooters that would be affected by this line change – it was suggested that Newman prepare a petition for these shooters to determine if in fact they were in favor of changing the boundary lines of the Northern Zone.

    Director Brasser brought back to the floor recommendations for changes to the State Team requirements.  Each recommendation was presented as a motion as follows:

                  Motion:  Brasser        Second:  Spolar        

                  To remove the requirement that shooters must apply to the

                  CGSTA Secretary – would apply to the 2006 target year for

                  the 2007 State Team.

                  During discussion – the following motion was made:

                  Motion:  Mayhue         Second:  Bunch         

                  To table the issue until the shooters have been polled.

                        Passed:  by hand count....Yes....13

                                                   No.... 5

                                              Abstain.... 4

                  Additional discussion on the issue suggested doing a

                  shooter poll at the State Shoot.

    Continuing with his presentation Director Brasser recommended the removal of the restriction that only targets shot in California, at the ATA Grand American, and the Spring, Golden West, and Western Satellite Grands be considered in the average computations.

                  Motion:  Brasser        Second:  Kirby         

                  That all targets shot be counted in average computations.

                        By hand count.....Yes....11

                                           No.... 7

                    Motion failed as yes count does not qualify as majority

                  Motion:  Spolar         Second:  Johnson 

                  To add issue as a poll for the shooters at the State Shoot.

                        Passed: by hand count....Yes...9



    Continuing his presentation Director Brasser recommended changing the special category team’s count from 15 members to 10 members.

                  Motion:  Brasser        Second:  Reynolds

                  To change the Women’s, Vet’s, Sr. Vet’s, Junior’s, Sub-Junior’s

                  Teams to be comprised of 5 First Team and 5 Honorable Mention.

                        Passed:  by hand count....Yes....18

                                                   No.... 1

                                              Abstain.... 1

                  For clarification Director Brasser stated this effected the

                  2006 target year for the 2007 teams.

    Continuing his presentation Director Brasser recommended lowering the target requirements for the special category shooters.  Discussion ensued with no motion being placed on the floor.

With no further business being brought to the floor:

                  Motion:  Kirby          Second:  Johnson 

                  To adjourn at 1:10 p.m.

                        Passed:  by voice vote


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