Board of Directors Meeting
June 24, 2001

Subject To Board Approval
For information only

Officer Election
Kingsburg Gun Club
June 24, 2001

President Hudson called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

Secretary announce that any new directors attending the meeting were welcome but since their term did not begin until July 1 they were not eligible to vote on any issues brought to the floor.

Those answering roll call:

    Northern             Central Southern
David Fleming 
James Foster
Jim McCullough  
Carl Reynolds  
Ken Yamaguchi  
Gary Beer
Donald Bunch
Ritchie Clodt
Kevin Erwin
Tom Goss
Myles Johnson
Jonas Mayhue
Gil Martinusen 
Ray Phillips 
Ron Scholta
Richard Troup 
Joe Woods 
Donna Battenfield
Virginia Crawford
James Drake
James Edwards
John Hawker
Dave Hudson
Dan Kirby
Michael Mann
William Martin
Kurt Sachau
Wendell Schroll
David Van Elgort

President Hudson requested that the Secretary go over the proceedures for the coming election. Review of the new process was discussed.

President Hudson thanked all the directors for their help this year. Everyone knows that it has been a tough year and especially wanted to thank the Executive Committee for their help.

Nominations for officers for the 2001-2002 were opened to the floor:

For the office of President:

Motion: Reynolds Second: Fleming
To nominate Ray Phillips for President

Motion: Mann Second: Johnson
To close nominations.

For the office of 1st Vice President:

Motion: Yamaguchi Second: Scholta
To nominate Carl Reynolds for 1st VP

Motion: Kirby Second: Troup
To close nominations.

For the office of 2nd Vice President:

Motion: Edwards Second: Battenfield
To nominate Jimmie Drake for 2nd VP

Motion: Goss Second: Sachau
To nominate Dan Kirby for 2nd VP

Motion: Mayhue Second: Mann
To close nominations.

Vote will go to written ballot.

For the office of 3rd Vice President:

Motion: Phillips Second: Goss
To nominate Gil Martinusen for 3rd VP

Motion: Mayhue Second: Scholta
To close nominations.

For the office of Secretary:

Motion: Reynolds Second: Erwin
To nominate Virginia Secretary for Secretary

Motion: Woods Second: Phillips
To close nominations.

For the office of Treasurer:

Motion: Reynolds Second: Goss
To nominate David Fleming for Treasurer

Motion: Scholta Second: Mayhue
To close nominations.

President Hudson announced that he would personally like to thank Hal Gould for being at the meeting today.

Secretary handed written ballot forms out and announced that if the directors names were not read during roll call to not take a ballot as they were not eligible to vote. Each director nominated opted not to say anything and went outside during the voting.

Results of written ballot for 2nd Vice President:

Dan Kirby..............18
Jimmie Drake...........10
President abstain...... 1

Joe Woods took the floor and reported that over the course of the week certain individuals could be seen working shootoffs every night. With everthing going on today we need to see more of our directors helping to cover the shootoffs.

With no further business being brought to the floor:

Motion: Kirby Second: McCullough
To adjourn at 10:45 a.m.
Passed: by voice vote


Subject To Board Approval
For information only


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