JUNE 20, 2005

President Martinusen called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.

Those answering roll call:

        Northern                Central                 Southern       

      David Fleming           Don Bunch               Ray Brasser

      Jim McCullough          Steve Cloyd             Virginia Crawford

      Jessie Miyasaki         Kevin Erwin             Jim Edwards

      Carl Reynolds           Ed Hammond              Patrick Jenks

      David Ver Halen         Dan Hoffman             Kurt Sachau

      Ken Yamaguchi           Myles Johnson           Bob Slough

                              Gil Martinusen          Dicksie Spolar

                              Fred Piazza

                              John Silva

  Late arrival by Dan Kirby.

Minutes of Prior Meeting:

                  Motion:  Edwards        Second:  Johnson       

                  To approve minutes as presented.

                        Passed:  by voice vote


      1] rec’d 01/03/05 – letter from Grubby’s requesting to change their ad in the State Shoot program – email sent in response to let them know to notify Director Brasser.

      2] rec’d 01/07/05 – update form letter from Rydin Decal for their marketing research.

      3] rec’d 02/15/05 – advertising announcement from ATA regarding the GMC Pro-Grade Challenge.

      4] rec’d 02/26/05 – letter from Matt Hoffman requesting information on Hall of Fame Scholarship – letter was forwarded to HOF.

      5] rec’d 03/10/05 – letter from Pete Rucinski informing the Secretary that he was a life member but had never been given a card – information is being researched.

      6] rec’d 03/16/05 – letter from RV’n USA requesting that the CGSTA give their company’s name to out membership for the purpose of renting RV units for the State Shoot – Director Brasser was given the information to contact them about advertising in the State Shoot program.

      7] rec’d 03/17/05 – letter from ATA regarding gun clubs having fundraisers and using U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance to organize and run the fundraiser.

      8] rec’d 04/07/05 – letter from Bob Moreland reporting that his shooting partner (whom had passed away) had won buckles from the Novato Gun Club and his widow wished to donate them back to the club but did not know how or who to contact and wondered if we could help.

      9] rec’d 04/14/05 – letter from ATA announcing the Step Outside program.

     10] rec’d 05/31/05 – letter from ATA regarding the use of the ATA web site for out State Shoot.

     11] rec’d 06/06/05 – clarification letter from John Norris at ATA  - directly affecting the 2005 California State Shoot – our gun purses are considered prizes and not a purse, therefore the value of the guns will not be used in determining punches as indicated by the Official Rule Book.

     12] rec’d 06/19/05 – letter of resignation from Central Zone Director Gary Beer – citing work conflicts.

Treasurer’s Report:

  Treasurer Fleming reported that he was finalizing the financial information that would be presented at the annual meeting.  Copies would be available upon request.


Committee Reports:

  Juniors – Director Sachau provided a recap of the Junior Day held Sunday.  Reported that 276 Juniors had participated and they shot 60,000 targets.  Reported that donations were down this year but they still hoped to provide the Juniors shooting the State Shoot week with reduced target prices.  The committee would continue soliciting donations while on the grounds during the week.

President Martinusen reported there were problems with some of the voice release units.  He reported that the possible long term storage of the units was causing the problems.

New Business:

  Treasurer Fleming brought to the floor the Big 50 shoots.  Secretary reported that the ATA had decided not to charge the day fees for these shoots and when the CGSTA had one club decide to host these shoots the President had polled the Executive Committee members to decide if the Association was going to follow suit.  The resulting telephone poll showed that the majority of the EC agreed to not charge the State day fees as well.

  The Directors present were informed that Director Brasser had taken on the duty of assisting with the Trap & Field article for the State Shoot.  A member of the Trap & Field would write the final article but Brasser would keep track of names, scores and accomplishments and assist with the article.

  Director Sachau brought to the floor:

                  Motion:  Sachau         Second:  Erwin         

                  To have this Monday (State Shoot) meeting begin at

                  9:00 a.m. instead of 11:00 a.m.

                        Passed:  by voice vote

Old Business:

  Director Bunch brought back to the floor the Zone Shoot criteria.  Reported that since the Board had adopted the revised criteria he felt that all clubs should receive a copy of the new criteria.  Discussion ensued with no motions being presented for action.

With no further business being brought to the floor:

                  Motion:  Reynolds       Second:  Edwards       

                  To adjourn meeting at 11:35 a.m.

                        Passed:  by voice vote


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