OCTOBER 9, 2004


President Martinusen called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Those answering roll call:

                Northern                                  Central                                  Southern          
            David Fleming                         Gary Beer                               Keith Ansley
            Jim McCullough                       Don Bunch                             Ray Brasser
            Carl Reynolds                          Steve Cloyd                            Virginia Crawford
            David Ver Halen                      Kevin Erwin                            Tim Donahue
            Ken Yamaguchi                       Tom Goss                               Jim Edwards
                                                                Ed Hammond                         Dan Kirby
                                                                Dan Hoffman                          Kurt Sachau
                                                                Gil Martinusen                        Bob Slough
                                                                Jonas Mayhue                        Dicksie Spolar
                                                                Fred Piazza
                                                                John Silva

Minutes of Prior Meeting:

                                                Motion:    Mayhue Second:    Piazza 
                                                To approve minutes of prior meetings as presented.
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote


  Secretary highlighted the majority of the minor correspondence received.

  Information discussed: Resignation from Terry Bilbey as Director and ATA 1st Alternate;
                                    Donation from Harrahs/Russ McLennan to Juniors;
                                    ATA rule revisions taking effect September 1, 2004;
                                    ATA suspension of Ernest Davis for bad check to CSTA;
                                    Request from Newman Swamp Rats to be included in rotation for
hosting a Northern Zone shoot;
                                    Request from Newman Swamp Rats to have a realignment of the Northern 
                                    and Central Zones based on counties in each zone;
                                    Receipt of Delegates report updating rule changes and the relocation plans;
                                    Resignation from Ron Taylor as Northern Zone Director;
                                    Letter of complaint from Y. W. Low on trophies received at State Shoot.

Delegates Report:

  With the absence of the Delegate, the report was given during correspondence by the Secretary.

New/Replacement Directors:

  Northern Zone reported no changes; Central Zone reported no changes; Southern Zone reported no changes.

Treasurers’ Report:

  Treasurer Fleming provided the Board with current financial to date.

                                                Motion:    Sachau Second:    McCullough      
                                                To approve treasurers’ report as presented.
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

2005 Budget:

  Treasurer Fleming presented the proposed budget for 2005.  Numerous items were discussed and minor adjustments were made in the amounts being proposed as well as the following motions being presented:

                                                Motion:    Donahue            Second:    Brasser
                                                To increase budget for State Shoot pins to $2500
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

                                                Motion:    Sachau Second:    Reynolds          
                                                To approve budget as amended
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

2004 State Shoot Review:

  No information was brought to the floor for review/discussion.

2005 Committees:

  President Martinusen reviewed the committees for the 2005 year and confirmed several committee chairs.  Stated that he felt that the disciplinary review committee was not a necessary committee and also stated that he felt that the State Shoot Chair and Announcer should be the same individual.  After additional discussion regarding committees the following motion was presented :

                                                Motion:    Mayhue Second:    Fleming
                                                To approve committees as presented.
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

Junior Program:

  Chair Kurt Sachau took the floor and fielded questions regarding the CGSTA Junior Program and the SCTP Scholastic Program.  Several issues and concerns were brought to light during this period and it was determined that Chairman Sachau would discuss these issues with Gail Miller.  No motions were presented for action at this time.

New Business:

  1] Secretary presented the letter of request from Smitty’s Leather to reproduce the 2005 State Shoot logo.  Discussion ensued resulting in the following:

                                                Motion:    Reynolds            Second:    Piazza 
                                                To approve the request submitted by Smitty’s Leather
                                                to reproduce the 2005 logo; subject to previously stated

                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

  2] 2005 Western Zone site selection was brought to the floor.

                                                Motion:    Ansley  Second:    Spolar  
                                                To have two sites in California for the 2005 Western Zone
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

                                                Motion:    Ver Halen            Second:    Spolar  
                                                To select Sacramento as the Northern site
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

                                                Motion:    Spolar   Second:    Edwards           
                                                To select Redlands as the Southern site

                                                During discussion of this motion Director Sachau stated
                                                that he wished to have San Diego offer a bid for the site
                                                and placed the following on the floor for action:

                                                Motion:    Sachau Second:    Yamaguchi       
                                                To table the motion in regards to the Southern
                                                site selection until the next meeting.
                                                            Passed:  by hand count….yes….16
                                                                                                     no….  5
                                                                                                abstain..  3

  3] Director Sachau brought to the floor the need for 2004 State Shoot attendance pins for 35 juniors that did not receive them at the State Shoot.  Discussion reported that a minimum of 100 would have to be ordered in order to obtain the required 35.  Discussion continued resulting in the following:

                                                Motion:    Sachau Second:    Goss               
                                                To order 100 – 2004 State Shoot pins.  35 pins would
                                                be given to the juniors with the balance to be sold at
                                                the State Shoot.

                                                            Passed:  by voice vote with
                                                                          Fleming abstaining

  4] Vice President Yamaguchi reported that Don Black would be submitting his bid for the photography at the 2005 State Shoot before the next meeting.  Reported that Mr. Black had been in the hospital until recently.

  5] Criteria Chair Don Bunch presented to the Board the new/expanded Zone Shoot Criteria.  Discussion ensued with a minor change being made to one of the new sections added and resulted in the following:

                                                Motion:    Kirby                 Second:    Erwin   
                                                To accept criteria as amended/presented.
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

  6] Director Bunch presented the artwork for the proposed 2005 State Shoot pin.  Discussion ensued resulting in the following:

                                                Motion:    Sachau Second:    Kirby                
                                                To table the selection of the State Shoot pin to the
                                                next meeting.
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

Old Business:

  1] Treasurer Fleming brought to the floor a problem regarding the Western Zone and Coon Creek.  Reported that the request for the added money approved by the Board had not been followed by the club and they had reduced the amount due on the shoot report by the added money amount instead.  Reported that letters had been issued to the clubs informing them that they must submit letter of request to the State Secretary in order to be issued the added money for the shoot.  Discussions ensued resulting in the following:

                                                Motion:  Sachau Second:    Ansley 
                                                To apply what would have been the added money to
                                                the shoot report from Coon Creek for the Western Zone
                                                shoot on July 15-18, 2004 and issue a strong letter of
                                                reprimand to club management for not following the
                                                procedure for requesting the funds.

                                                            Passed:  by voice vote
                                                                          with 6 voicing opposed

  2] Secretary brought to the floor the issue brought to the Executive Committee at the State Shoot regarding Esther Puckett and the Women’s Northern Zone Team.  Also reported on the petition form that Ms. Puckett had shooters sign objecting to the decision of not using a substitute in selecting the scores for the team members.  Discussion ensued as to the action taken during the state shoot as well as in the past resulting in the following:

                                                Motion:    Mayhue Second:    Sachau
                                                To stay with/support the decision made by the
                                                Executive Committee
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote

  3] Director Brasser presented those in attendance with an information packet on the State Team criteria.  He explained that the intent of this information was to see if there needed to be any adjustments made in the criteria.  Further research was to be done on the issue and no motions were presented for action at this time.

With no further business being brought to the floor:

                                                Motion:    Sachau Second:    Goss               
                                                To adjourn meeting at 2:41 p.m.
                                                            Passed:  by voice vote



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